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Calibration Services in Singapore by Opus Calibration laboratory (Opus Precision Instruments Pte Ltd) is accredited under SAC SINGLAS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards for the field of Calibration & Measurement.

This proper Calibration services Singapore was established to serve many professional companies who require calibration services since 1992.

Our calibration laboratory headquarter office located in Ubi. Our calibration services serving whole island of Singapore especially in Changi, Woodland and Tuas Singapore.

With 27 years of calibration instruments service experiences together with our strong technical background, we have successfully delivered the best standard and services to all our members and clients.

In our calibration service Singapore, we focus mainly on multi type of instruments calibration services. Secondly we are able to repairing of precision instrument including TESA and Mitutoyo brand of laboratory instrument. We are specialist in servicing in granite table including lapping services and calibration.

What is proper calibration services?

Simple, our calibration services is not just only issue a certificate but we will cover your overall audit with proper documentation.


Our Master Calibrator / Instrument are all calibrated according to Primary and Working / Transfer standards.

Firstly, our master calibrator is traceable to the National (NMC) or International Standard.

For our torque wrenches calibration services have serving over 30 army camp ( Ministry of Defense ) Singapore.

In torque wrenches calibration procedure recently have changed from SAC. But we are able to ensure all our government bodies and client receive the proper torque wrenches calibration certificate.

However, from the past 27 years until today we are covering our end user are safe from audit, away from audit finding.

Torque Calibration Services in Singapore Ubi By Opus Calibration Ubi SAC Singlas Certificate
Dimensional Measurement Services in Ubi Singapore by Opus Calibration


With our strong technical leadership plus value- added calibration services singapore, we have win in heart of many companies end user in many different sectors.

We are able to serve any kind of Calibration & Measurement in dimensional like height gauge, dial, caliper any many more with accredited SAC 17025 calibration certificate.

When the equipment / Instrument is faulty, we able to repair. Worst cases we will help to source for new or used instruments to eliminate production obstacles and improve their production.

At the same time help our clients improve their efficiency.


We also promise our end user with our calibration services 4 things and they are:-

1.We will make sure that the calibration services will be complete in proper way . This is one of the calibration standard a calibration laboratory must adhere to always

2 . The instrument part from end user remains intact (No mixed up, missing item, all must be in sequence)

3. During calibrating, utmost care is taken to assure that the customer equipment is no damage remain the same condition & same setting. Dimensional items like thread plug gauge contains a lot of very fine silk-like threads inside. 

If not handled properly, will be easily got scratches or ware and tare. Once that happens the thread gauge will out of tolerance.

4.We make sure that the calibration certificate throughout the whole standard format is accept by your auditor.

Our Calibration services in Singapore has kept all the above promises to their industries members since 1993. OPUS Calibration Laboratory also intend to upkeep these promises as long as they are in Calibration business.

If any missing item, FULL REFUND will be given on the spot. Thus we also insist that our customers check their instrument before leaving.

Precision instruments Calibration Services in Ubi Singapore
Pressure gauge calibration services in Singapore by Opus Calibration Ubi Singapore Laboratory


We will share our Calibration knowledge with our end user and at the same time educate them with proper calibration knowledge.

Giving advise on them what calibration certificate is suitable, including certificate standard that compliance to their current ISO standard requirement. There are many ISO standard like ISO 13485, ISO14001, ISO9001 QMS etc.

So we can advise what type of Calibration Certificate are accept.

We believe in sharing proper calibration good tips and information so that all our end user can benefit. We always advise our end users how to choose the right and proper calibration with cost saving.

This way our end user will be able to get higher standard of calibration service and this is what we aim to do all the time.

We concern about quality of calibration more than profit margin. This is why most of our dimensional calibration certificate are in SAC SINGLAS. In OPUS, only engineer and above level have the right to serve our clients for all type of calibration services.

Including On-Site Calibration, no low skilled WP holder are allow serve our OPUS customers. This is why our calibration work always better than others.


Although we are ISO/IEC 17025 Singlas Calibration laboratory and providing calibration services. But we still strictly follow the right track proper SAC Singlas Calibration Standard.

This is because a lot of our clients like Shell, Becton Dickinson Medical, Toshiba and Siemen Singapore all of this companies are play a important role helping growing a better environment of Singapore.

And we have receiving positive feedback from these end users. Our clients have been satisfied and trusted for our calibration services since 1993.

For the last 27 years, Opus calibration laboratory is always implement new calibration methods and get new scope from SAC Singapore.

By improving our knowledge, our customers will also greatly benefit.

Proper calibration services Singapore always insist that there SHOULD NOT be any shortcuts when doing calibration services to every customers, be honest and following the respected SAC Singapore Standard.

Calibration Services for weighing scale in Ubi Singapore by OPUS SINGLAS LABORATORY
Electrical Meter Calibration Services Singapore Ubi Calibration Laboratory


Electrical Calibration Services in OPUS is one of the highest demand work in any type of electrical meter. We serve most of the company including Mapletree Property Management Office, MediaCorp Singapore maintenance department etc.

Is Electrical calibration important? Yes it is. In Singapore Electrical injury & Electrical burns is happened every single hour. This is the reason why we will perform with “real data sheet result”, if the meter is faulty mean faulty.

Most of the end user from educational, manufacturing who own electrical equipment will send for yearly calibration depend usage.

With our proper calibration services in Singapore, your company will be able to focus on other activities which will add value to your core business.

Above all Opus Calibration firmly believe in helping to instil core values for all our current clients.

Opus Calibration is committed to keep improving our standard in order to help all our clients.


We offer proper calibration services in all major types of instrument / equipment including Master calibrator.

For example Dimensional calibration services with Singlas Certificate, Electronic Calibration, Pressure Calibration, including Torque Wrenches Calibration, CMM Calibration, Temperature Calibration, Force Gauge Calibration and many more.

We firmly believe that :

“Low calibration costs might win you the job, but in the long run, proper traceability system and strong technical backgroud with Proper Recognized Calibration Certificate will win you hearts.“

Granite Table Lapping & Calibration Services in Ubi Singapore


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We provide collection and delivery services for above $200 of total value within Singapore. Use the “COLLECTION” button make booking as this system are open to public, which previously only for precision and aerospace huge company.  

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