Singlas Calibration Laboratory Singapore by OPUS Calibration Ubi

We do the right thing, produce the proper calibration certificate. 

OPUS Calibration Laboratory are SINGLAS accredited in Calibration & Measurement Laboratory in Singapore – OPUS Calibration Singapore offers accredited and proper calibration service in all type instruments including :

  • Dimensional Calibration
  • Electrical Calibration
  • Pressure Calibration
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Force Calibration
  • Lapping Services and more
  • Wind meter calibration / Anemometer calibration

Electrical Calibration Certificate ( Sample 1 )

Singlas Calibration Laboratory Singapore Ubi Opus Calibration Sample Cert

Electrical Calibration Certificate ( Sample 2 )

Singlas Calibration Laboratory Singapore Ubi Opus Calibration Services Multimeter Sample Cert

Electrical Calibration Certificate ( Sample 3 )

Singlas Calibration Laboratory Singapore Ubi Opus Calibration Services Multimeter Sample Cert Singapore

Electrical Calibration Certificate ( Sample 4 )

Singlas calibration laboratory
Calibration Services Singapore



To most companies, their calibration results and their Calibration Certificate is of utmost important. We help many manufacturing companies reduce their down time. At the same time we try to save their calibration cost by providing excellent services. Government bodies like Keppel FelsMinistry of DefenseTan Tock Seng Hospital are our customers.

Most important, all the calibration will go through proper system always meeting industry’s standard. Therefore, you will have confidence answering any questions from your auditors regards calibration.

OPUS Calibration can be considered as your private quality assistant. This is because we will add advantage to help raise up your core business. Why? Are you aware that most listed companies ( all sectors in manufacturing & services) are ISO 9001 or ISO14001?..all these companies need to calibrate their instruments.

We Increase Resources to Reduce Your Production Downtime

At OPUS SINGLAS Laboratory, we do realize that end user need a proper calibration with “real” data. Furthermore, we able to help numerous clients of ours reduce their production down time. Our aim is to make sure that our clients has ‘zero’ worries about our calibration standard or any other things especially the Calibration Certificate which we are responsible. We understand the important of calibration certificate traceability, this is the reason why we always improving Singlas Scope capabilities. We believe that if we are keep improving will help more and more clients to achieve their quality standard.